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The power

I forget what I went through at times. It's been a-lot. Multiple sclerosis 17. Then learning it was a brain infection due to stress. Guns to the head. Being kidnapped. Being Gaslit. Sleeping on couches at 20 of the homes of addicts. Looking for places to live. Surviving. Never doing a drop of a drug. They protected me. Protecting my life. Then, learning to protect my son's life and choosing diffrent for him. Doing whatever it took. Not meeting my own needs - But being that lion mom. Fighting for a diffrent life for the one who means the world to me. My life force. I made a commitment to make life different for him, and myself. I certainly did. I will keep doing this.

Now he's 19. Empty nesting. Trying my best to deal with my demons Trying my best to be his rock. I hope he knows he has me for the rest of my life.

Letting him choose his own path, and trusting that when he has questions. I have a library worth of knowledge.

Im not perfect. But I do know we can move openly together and free of judgment, thats when tranformation happens. Because we are one - But separate. This is Birth. The power of a woman.

Photocredit: Darlene Moran

Stay Authentic. xox

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