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Portraiture with Tanya

I want to take the best pictures of you you have even seen of yourself. I love to show women how their beauty can shine through this beautiful experience that I create. How their eyes shine and light up. how deep and connected there soul eliminates through my camera. I’ve walked the path too many times in my life, of not feeling good enough or connected. That’s why this is my calling.

When I photograph you, I not only see what you don’t see, but I see what’s in me. It helps me grow and collaborate.

I see so much beauty in this world to not create it and show you what you hold for yourself! It’s truly liberating.

I guide you through every step, and help you through wardrobe changes.

it is truly the best experience you can have. For yourself and for your generations to come.

That my friends is priceless.

Tanya xo

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