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reflecting on all the amazing experiences I have learned.

It's been a hot mess since I have written. I love to write. It is now at the end of 2021 and so much has happened. I'll be sure to tell you all about it soon enough, but for now.. I want to express my gratitude for all the events and insane experiences I have had in the past year and a half. The people I have met, the humans who stood by me. The love I have had the honour to catch. Whether it be a growth in themselves or their relationships.

Covid has definitely changed lives, locations and businesses. I have witnessed a lot of grief and a lot of renuinions. (Especially in myself) All in the name of love. Because without grief there is no love. I heard of women relocating, grieving, getting married, and quitting that job. I saw a lot of "leaps of faith."

One thing I do know is, we all went through it together. Not just in our families - But world wide. The webcam and facetime became our new connection. Designer face masks became a thing. I will start to share my journey soon, Because, I feel like I am ready to. But for now, I have to sit back, and reflect on all the amazing experiences I have learned. The real hard, I know there is no right way.

As of January 2022. I will be opening my studio to portraits - This has been a dream of mine, and can not wait to launch the first day! Below are some of the beautiful moments I have captured during my intense leap and journey for the past year! Thank you to all the new women I have met here in B.C and who have let me in to their homes and hearts,

Stay tuned, there will be more updates. xox

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