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In all the forevers - Do you lose yourself?

Things change, people change. Some for the worst to rise above to the best versions of themselves. Some, never do. When forever is used in context of love and relationships, friends, lovers, our children. Do you lose yourself in that word? Do you feel the pressure of the "forever?"

I will always be here - I will love you forever - We will forever stay in contact. The sentences are to infinity.

So, when forever doesn't happen anymore, do you lose yourself? Do you say, "but you said forever... "

I have.

Even if you have so much to be grateful for. It happens, lets not shit ourselves. I'm realising that "Forever" is a spiritual choice. I believe that you can be forever without losing yourself and love so hard all at the same time.

Its a trust, that is so deep within yourself. You. No one else. Just keep going.

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