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She knocks on my door to my heart. Visiting the boundaries that I dismissed. The boundary that brought me to my knees.

She reminds me that I am worth it. She reminds me that I am valid.

She shows up not to condone me, but to remind me of my values. To revisit myself. To protect my values. To take my power back.

Dismissed - Made fun of - Not Valid - Controlling - These are the words.

Using, trust - feelings against me us as not valid and wrong. Being labelled as controlling and disillusioned.

Years of untrusting self. Confusion.

"You're too much." They said. Untrue stories being thrown around.

"Anger shows up when needs are not being met, and boundaries have been crossed. Anger, is the exit door that flashes above my head to show me the way to protection. To regain my power."

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