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Something to ponder

Sitting here at the perimenause clinic.  I’m 45.  I have hot flashes,  night sweats, mood swings all the fun things.  

What if.. I look at it like this.  ENERGY.  

Like dealing and enduring child birth.  Painful periods.  Trauma.  Life.  

What if we would breath and trust are bodies.  

There are a lot things to use to numb the intensity.  What do you choose?  

The medical way?  The science of your own body?  

I for one get distracted.  I always ride that roller coaster.  

Look outside of myself.  Or ask myself.  What do I need right now? 

Everyone’s bodies change. It’s the beauty of life. But when something feels uncomfortable, we need validation from the medical system.

Something to ponder.

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