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Can not and will not be tamed

I remember, the day my parent came home as said. "Guess what Tanya? we are having another baby!" I was so annoyed. Let's be honest, I was 14.. I knew I was going to have to babysit. Like maaaan. Guysss..

Then I got older, and I loves taking her places and taking metro photo booth picture with her, and laughing with her, and cotton candy with her. She is a force. She is a writer, amazing mom. She is the bestest friend you can ever have if you don't cross her. She will give you her all. She won't put up with you shit. But will listen if you need her too. She will cry and doesn't care, she will fall and get right back up. God has finally blessed her with a gentle soul of a man, and her smile is a big as ever.

I remember when I was pregnant with Jacob; I said; "I hope my son is like my sister." Careful what you wish for.. He is. They even have the same fingers.

Colleen, you will never know how much I love you. How much you are my best friend. How much you light up my soul. I thank you for that. To do your makeup and hair and this for you is a true honour, this my sister is how I see you. From my heart to yours. Always live wild and free.

Love you.

Stand strong - Live free.

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