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A whole lots of lots.

Havent written here in awhile. This week I feel like there is so much going on. I could write everything I need to do or accomplish in a day, but there is always something else that will pop up and freak me out. For example... Emails I forgot to send, and all kinds of "what if's." Lately I have been pondering the idea of deleting this website. Really. I never use it - I am paying an arm and a leg for it. I am writing in in now, but I can do that on a free blog. Thinking about a whole lot.

I went for a run yesterday with my running group, and it all hit me like a ton of bricks that I am doing my first FULL MARATHON this Sunday. Guys, I swear I thought I had another week. I am freaking out. Who ever knew that training for a marathon for 4 months could be so time consuming and great, and detailed! So much detail goes into the marathon. Not to mention, running a lot slower than my usual 5km pace. (Punch to the ego a little, which is what I needed).

Few details right here:

- Don't take advil the day of your race, you feet will bloat and grow half an inch.

-Nothing new on race day




- After 32 km - I think my body eats itself?

This list really goes on and on.

What the hell am I doing? After our run on Sunday we all went to brunch.. and as it hit me.. I said, out loud. "Well that was great! Nice knowing you all!" They all looked am me like I was nuts, and that for a second I was bailing.

That's just one thing. Then there is waiting for an offer letter, and tomorrow is last day of severance from my old employer. Then here is writing my first book! Even have a name for it, which I will not deluge yet.

There is the kids, and school, and Jacobs exams. I can make this all one big hairy adventure of chaos if I like. Or - I can say - "Shit girl! Good for you!" Because I am doing it.

I also start a Mindfulness class on Wednesday - Which I am so excited about. This will definitely help with all my OCD thoughts and goals and for sure my Marathon. Let not forget becoming a better version of myself for the ones I love.

Happy Monday!

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