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The year of stride.

Well, here we are. The start of another year. I have not written or blogged in such a while and the reason being... Stuck in the muck of 2018 has left me bare. Bare to the core of my soul. It wasn't easy. definitely one of my most tying years.

I am not here to talk about all of what happened and all the details. But I do know one thing. I know that 2019 will be the year of our unique needs. An essence. Our life purpose. Most people look at us as a ball of clay that they can mold. This is how they will feel comfortable. If we don't conform, then we are rejected or called bad.

Conforming to others make us safe, and then creates friction and we start to lose ourselves.

2019 is about completing the cycle. The beginning of the next loop. The year of crystallization.

We can actually move forward, we can take steps towards improvement.

2019 - The year of stride. In alignment with our authenticity and integrity. We will definitely have plenty of opportunities to act out of alignment with our true authenticity.

How are we going to use our free will to use a conscience choice when faced with these circumstances?

Instead of sugar coating and making all these resolutions.. Then feel powerless when we do not succeed. We need to use our free will to not use this polarization to infest in us.

It's simple - Free will = Choice.

Use the tension that your feeling to create any forward movements. There will be curveballs and tension and pressure.

Ask yourself nourishes my senses?

For me security will come up - the moment you define what is security for you? You will then be able to use your free will to make the choices you need.

Authenticity and free will go hand and hand. I will be birthing my authentic self, with my free will and make strides. Im at that next level of vision.

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