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July 20, 2019

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February 21, 2018

Sitting here today, and heard something on one of the podcasts I was listening to. She said, “have you ever stopped for a moment and said to yourself, hold it. Has anything you have ever asked for has happened, or came true?"


It stopped me in my tracks.  I then took out a pen and a paper and wrote all the things I have wanted and asked for in the past 10 years.  


Yes, I am living it. Yes, I have it. Wow. The immediate flow of gratitude came flowing in amazement.  The power I have to manifest. 


I seriously held on to my chair.  looked at my list all over again,  said to myself… Now go live it Tanya!  Stop washing your floors! I would not change one thing off that list.  There are about 15 request I sent out to the universe.  I have them all.  


Everything I complain about - not even a dust of a word appeared on that paper. Therefore, it really does not matter. Gone.  Bye. No longer a thought. 


I was way ahead of myself. looking for more. More what? I need nothing more. I really have it all.









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