Stay in your lane

Don't forget to choose what lights your soul on fire. Write, create and let go. Repeat. I know now it doesn't have to be the same things all the time. It can be many beautiful creations. We are changing - constantly. I really was so fearful of the let go. So fearful of my images being criticized, or my words not sitting well with someone. So I stopped. I also stopped growing because of it. Not wanting to talk or create anything. It just seemed like everytime I did it was all wrong. It was just wrong to them, not to me. I see that now. I'm peeking through the curtain again. Im choosing to stay in my lane. To love my lane, and would love to help others create their own lane as well, This is my promise to me, and the ones who want to hop on in.

Keeping it really simple. Below is a sample of the space I created yesterday once again.