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The way I see it - with your world

The winds have changed directions a million times it feels like. 10 steps back, 10 steps forward. If there is something that sticks in my nervous system is this; Be unreasonable. So, this is me being unreasonable. Its just the way I see it,

I have gave my life to the corporate world for approx 20 years! Now, Im going to give my life to my what I love to do. Small businesses and communities that are passionate in what they are doing. I have been dealing with the needs of small businesses for so long. I know well enough, what they need and who to contact. I have maintained, and grew with them, and helped them find telecom solutions. I have listened to their pain points, their obstacles and there triumphs. I have done social media online tutorials and picked apart and stared at the most beautiful websites. If there is one thing I know is that they're really passionate in what and why they are doing it.

The most exciting collaboration is who they know and their referrals. They build their dreams with their referrals and great customer service!

Then, there is THE EYE of the consumer. A SMB's online presence is crucial. This captures the new customer. Along, with a share on your favorite social media platform.

So, here is me offering my visual creative eye. Capturing how you conduct your business and what you're passionate about. I want to capture that for you. So you can share that with the world. Professional images that reflect what you love to do. Why? Because I am passionate about capturing those moments. Just as you are about sharing them! So, calling all small businesses, markets, doulas, events, and store owners. Or even if you're a one woman/man show. Give me a shout out!

Please share "the way I see it" with your world.

Let me

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