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Wings of an Eagle

Im sitting here after touching up some photos from this past weekend, trying to think of the words that come to mind to write. Thinking of the title and what to write about. So.. What I feel the theme is this week is there is no "proper way." Over and over again this week I have heard the words - "Just do it." "Its trial and error." Just talk, communicate what you need or want then leap. I feel like I or we - or the conversations I have been having have been along the lines of man - how is this possible? and "Only if...." Or - "What the fuck?" Or "Why am I doing this?" Or "But thats not possible."

My response to myself - Just be. Breath. Feel. Create. Move. Let go. Talk. For fuck sakes stand up and talk your truth. I trust, this. My body.

I met Nancy last year in Hawaii, and our friendship became instant. She was camping on the beaches for a few days before coming to our place. She had a massive back pack on her back and was sunburnt. She came up the back stairs, put down her bag looked at me and said, "Can you open this screen door? You must be Tanya." There hasn't been a week that has went by that we haven't spoke. She is my gateway and my courage to more of me. She - acts massively, and then I do, then I do then she does. With no judgement. Lots of laughs - Deep magical conversations.

So, now she is embarking on her leap! She will be flying out tomorrow to Victoria, BC to live in an Eco village for a course she has been longing to do. To create video footage of her journey called TrueNancy called Say it out loud.

So, here are few highlights from the weekend.

With much love soul sister, spread those wings, and I will see you soon!

#leadership #fly #canadianphotographer

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