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Sunday Sauce

I feel like there really is nothing to do. No set rules to do things. You have your priorities and you do them. The secret sauce I feel, is how you "feel" in doing them. Am I judging myself? Criticizing myself? Irritated at the task? Possibly...

The way I see it is - I stop. I just stop. I Breath. Then I just love the fuck out of myself. Give myself a pat on the back. The biggest good for you GIRL high five! Then move forward.

I am reminding myself constantly. Where i've been - Where I am now. My secret is to leave the "been" where it needs to be.

Not to carry the "been" around like a dead horse. As I say that i'm smiling so big because it really just opened a massive door of possibilities. I really mean massive. Haha.

I am never too much, I am as massive as my capabilities to love are.

...And today my love it MASSIVE.

Much love to you on this Sunday xo

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