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Robin's and Dragons - A Valentine Photowalk

I went out yesterday afternoon for a walk through the park across the street from home. Just to take pics of whatever my heart called to. After All it was Valentine's day. This is what I found.

This was the rock, I remember Jacob climbed up when he was 4 and freaked out cause he couldnt get down. xo

This is where he first learned how to ride a bike. Took him 2 tries, and he was off!

I was standing under this tree looking out at the park when I heard a bunch of birds. I looked up and there must of been about 20 Robins above me! So I looked up the meaning and this is what it said:

Robins have a powerful significance in ancient myth and lore. One tale has its origins in European mythology, in which the bird of Spring is linked with the New Year and symbolises divine sacrifice and the rebirth of the spirit.

This is signified by the robin’s red breast – it symbolizes the activation of creative energy, inciting growth. This is also linked with the Robin’s traditional connection to spring – the season of renewal. When we let go of our past – a lot of which stems from childhood experiences – we are refreshed and renewed, thus unburdened and free to nurture and serve ourselves as well as others. If the robins gifts have not been learned and utilised correctly, you will be continually challenged by the prospects of change with difficulties cropping up as well as emotional disharmony. Let go of the past…move on……

It was such a beautiful moment.

This one stayed while the other flew away.

Then I saw the younger ones. xo

They seemed to like these berries.

Then I saw this finger pointing me in this direction. So I went!

I saw this little guy. Call me crazy, but it reminds me of Puff the magic Dragon.

Neighborhood view to the CN Tower

Dufferin Street


Winter contrast.

Art in a tree.

X marks the spot.

Tiny dancing slippers

There is always another door.

Love this contrast.

Snow bunnies.

So there you have it. Little sweet blessings.

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