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Always Dream, Even When Awake

Been following my inner guidance system . Like really listening. When, I really listen - It's really simple. Not too many words, soft smiles and letting go of what doesn't work for me. Staying with that.

I set out today to go downtown. Packed up my camera. My journal. My best pen, and my iPod. Hoping to take manual shots in Black and white, of expressions of strangers, the culture in Toronto, old buildings, churches... Grab a beer and watch a band, and head home. Something my heart has been wanting to do since I moved here. I was doing this.

Got to the subway, it was closed.

It was ok. I smiled and walked away.

It was ok, because I got to spend one hour with this breathtaking, old spirit. (Which is hard to get in now and then at 14) This is what was supposed to happen today. Im so happy it did. We created our own project as we walked together to the Pharmacy.

Let me introduce to you "Cheesie on a Stick."

my intention was to create expression in just the being. My intention was not focus. Just a whole bunch of expression and cheesies. Hope you enjoy.

#letitbe #trusting #blackandwhite #torontophotographer #followyourheart #espressions #livingfrommysoul #lovethiskid #oldsoul #cheesies #torontolove #GTA #beingsimple

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