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A Cross Roads with no Instructions

Well ladies and germs, let me tell you it's been quite the last 5 days. Lets just say - I am now being forced to live awake and in the unknown. Live in the "Mindful." In the "Now." Is what they say. Surprisingly, I am loving it! Last Thursday we were notified by our CEO that our company was being bought out by Bell. Long pause. Long pause and long pause. Wait - one more long pause. My heart was racing. I was desperately trying to make eye contact with anyone...All I saw was Blank faces. I then really thought was going to attached by Zombies or something. When the meeting was done, I went for a drive to digest the information. Panic is my first vice, then anger, then sadness, then of course - SURRENDER. I was really confused by the feelings I was having. The reason being is because, no matter what - I know I will be fine. If not fine better. If not better, on top of the world. So right now, we all don't know what the future hold for some of the careers of some. Friendships we made. Will we see eachother again after Feb 1st? No one knows.

This is what I do know. I do know that I can take ownership for me. I do honour the relationships I made. Isnt that's what is all about? Relationships? Community? So, for the next 2 weeks I decided to detox from Social media, follow my hearts desire. Refrain from buying random purchases. To just be, create, learn new things. Best of all - really trust the process of life. To know that what is offered to me on February 1, 2017 it was meant to be. Either being packaged or given another offer. I will rock it either way. It will be interesting to trust whats in store.

Meanwhile... (Back at the ranch...) The following day, our furnace broke. Yes. We have had no heat for 4 days. We had four space heaters for our bedrooms. We now have a brand new furnace and we will all be reunited in the living room headquarters tonight. Thank you god! The little things we take for granted,..

Below has been a snap shot of my day in my bedroom with my pose. AKA; dog humans, and a wooden bird.

Rainy day - and Jacob's wooden bird.


Gizmo trying to get warm

Anthony is finding this fun..

Watermark is way too strong for this photo...

My little space heater.

Peace! To a new adventure xo - and whatever one - I know it will be perfect.

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