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Ashly. Fear is temporary, regret is forever.

Ashly. Such a spunky soul. So honored that she felt comfortable enough to tell me a bit of her story. It is so important and in this day and age - crucial to hear the voices of other women. Ashly just like alot of other women just needed time. But was prescribed and diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. She took the meds that the Dr prescribed for her, and she had enough. She decided to honour her body, Spoke to people in a safe place and trusted. She didnt need advise or a plan. She just needed a safe pace to be heard, and go through her moments. I salute her courage, and her passion. While we know this may not work for everyone, it worked for her. Thank you Ashly for allowing me to share a molecule of your story to the world. It fuels my fire for why I do what I do, In return - It may help other women who is suffering. Talk to someone, listen to what is right for you. Your body will never hurt you. I know, and now, through this shoot I know Ashly knows as well. Lets not be silenced.

I managed to find a chair - I'm pretty resourceful, and good for me :)

Ashly's Tattoo

Peace out xo

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