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Why I love the Women I Photograph

I have been relooking the adventures and pictures that I have took this past year. Wow, what an adventure. I feel sometimes I go through the moments without actually really having time to process the amazing opportunities that I am living. Dont get me wrong I am present - But the feeling that I get while seeing and experiencing my surroundings and know consciously that I created it all is a bit mind blowing to compute - Especially in beautiful surrounding with beautiful spirits. Their stories - Where they have been - What they choose. All of it - Love it.

When I do a photoshoot and a session it's not all about masks - Quite the opposite actually. I just love to listen and talk - To photograph the brilliance in you, Your spark - your beauty. Your journey of how the stars brought you to me behind my eye to capture your light. Thats why. Thats what I can not get enough of.

I love to celebrate your genius with you - in return I get to show you what I see - Your soul. The beauty of all the love, shit, and courage that you may or may not have had to endure.

So, while I am photographing this, all of you... The best part, we grow from it. Each and every word, picture and smile. We empower ourselves and celebrate. Thats why.


A visionary






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