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Shit storms and new stuff

Shit storms. Which way is up. Vortexes of questions. This is how - I have to tell you I have been feeling. Conversations ... from, planets, aliens, this universe, celebrations, stars, moves, family, passions, relationships. Relationships with others, self. This list goes on. When did it all become so much. Is it me really? Perhaps. Where focus goes energy flows. Thats one thing I do know.

So how about focusing on what is really important in my life. Like, contributing, loving, creating, nature, family, giving back. Life is just temporary. Seriously. Why do I keep doing things that I hate? So many times, I hear, "I hate my job." Or " I wish I can do this... or that..." But what if I/we focus on what I/we love - Like relationships, the conversations that happen everywhere. Get curious with those relationships. How I can create a new? To give back? Then, if its really not for you/me - move on. Or, another door may open?! If i love to create/run - then just fucking create and run. It doesn't have to be big, It just has to be fun and genuine. Be honest with yourself. Find the time. If you love it then do it. I am speaking to myself here, (Maybe you can relate? Maybe you cant) Because i need to hear these words. I give great advise. But, when it comes to me - I fall deep, into the fuck it zone. Beat the shit out of myself, then get up again. The trick is to get up again, and try something new. Not, the same shit. It obviously doesn't work. So in the midst of my shit storm - I walked my ass downstairs in my mag shift studio and created my emotions in some images. (Tried something new)

Hope you enjoy!

#toronto #Creative #love #photographer #create #conversations

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