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A women who took a leap.

First time in Nova Scotia and was greeting by a masive hug, a warm smile and Volts Wagon Bug! Pictou is so beautiful, So much land in Nova Scotia. So much. So laid back, and calm. Everyone is so warm and smiley. It always amazes me the diversity in Canada. Each province so unique and set in there ways. From, Fast paced, to slow to heritages and claiming what is theirs/ours. To knowing more.

In Nova Scotia I got a sence of the dreamers. The knowing and choosing what they love and making a life out out that, Enjoying Nature, and drumming to the beat there own drum. I was literally so relaxed and rubbery when I left. Calm. No rushing there. No, busy airports, or traffic. It was quite amazing to me. I can now say I touched the Atlantic, and shit is it cold! A totally diffren't beast of water than the Pacific.

But, most of bear witness to a woman who chose her. Who chose what was finally right for her! With the Finding Maria series and her life. Book number five has begun and is bearing new life as I type this. I will leave all the greatness and writing to Jennifer to reveal. Look out for her next book. I am sure it will be explosive and real. It may even awaken something in yourself.

you can visit and find Jennifer Hatt's books and about her at:

Cheers to a new beginning, and another layer torn off! To your journey...xox

and to your butterfly Garden!

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