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Renaissance Women & Hawaii 50!

(I just like saying Hawaii 50) When posting this site, I really sat down and felt how I want to project myself into the world. I have a passion to create. I am definitely a creator. But when I really meditated on this vision and going the the motions of digging deep inside of me. Not what others may want. What would make me light up, then in return light others up. This vision I have, to show others and women willing to take that leap. How they look and feel as there going through that transition really is the most beautiful empowering moment to me. To be vulnerable to those moments when you just don't know. Then capturing it. BOOM!

This project, gathering, of women coming across the world to meet. Is huge. Its vibrational. I get to listen and be. To capture their beauty and there vision with my lens. How insane is that. At the same time welcome my own evolution. To trust, let go, and never loose sight of my vision. Ever again. To gain solid ground.

Here is what I mean:

We are really in a a holographic world. I went to get my hair cut, and the women cutting my hair was so in tuned to me, she shared with me her darkest secrets. We had the same tattoo and in the same place, and we both had similar experiences..I offered her the Wel Systems Website, and I told her she wasn't alone. I also told her she wasn't nuts for telling me her story randomly. It was just beauty.

Women empowering women. Empowering our visions.

Stay true to your vision,

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